Paris Stamps

   This is a beautiful set of 3 hat boxes covered in Ecru & Antique Black fabric featuring Paris postal stamps.  Both the interior and exterior of each box is painted with cream, latex paint then covered with the Paris Stamps fabric.  The edges of each lid are finished with dainty, Ecru, crocheted lace.



Smallest =  6" across by 3.25" tall.  Box 2= 8" across by 4" tall.   Box 3= 10" across by 5.25" tall. 

Box 4 = 12" across by 6" tall.  Box 5= 14" by 7.5" tall.

ECRU LIDS photo P10100023.jpg

ECRU photo P10100302.jpg

ECRU LID photo P10100104.jpg


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Price $79.95